Running Fred



Running Fred is the online game you are recommended to try and explore this one. This is a game which is connected to those skills that need to be smart and speed up when necessary in order to succeed. Before getting started have a look at the main instructions and later on proceed with that. You can modify the hero of the game accordingly and go ahead. There are lots of tools and major key points in order to get the very first insight of the entire game. If you are not sure on how to start or how to proceed then you can see the reviews of other game players and those who are skilled in this game. The major point is to overcome various obstacles on your way to the very end of the level. The challenges are seen and they need to be overcome. Though it is not so easy but still worth to try and become the winner. The distance has to be covered and this information will be shown when the level is passed and you can see the results on the screen, this is a good chance for you to improve your skills and play better in order to cover more distance without any failure. Try your best and don’t give up, don’t quit your game as every time you are offered new challenges and the prize is also wonderful when you see that the stage is passed without any crash. Try to be in time and follow the instructions given at the beginning of the game. Running Fred is a game of speed and scores, the distance to be covered and lots of challenges, easy and complicated at the same time, these all are given all together that makes the game interesting and attractive for every game lover.

Elsa Frozen Real Makeover



Princess Elsa is preparing for one of the most important events of her life. The gates to her kingdom, Arendelle, will open for one day so that all of the townspeople from kingdoms near and far can watch her become queen and receive her long-awaited crown and scepter. She’s feeling very nervous about all of the attention she’s sure to get, so Elsa has decided to treat herself to a soothing makeover at the town spa. It’s up to you to get this regal beauty ready for her coronation, so follow the instructions to apply various beauty treatments and give her the boost of confidence she needs in this fun online makeover game for girls!

Candy Crush Saga



To play Candy Crush Saga, just line up three identical candies (horizontally or vertically) to make them disappear and accumulate scores. Combinations are variables and the player can store more than 3 candies, which will enable him to earn extra bonus. When the player is able to perform combos (when several lines of candies disappear), it gets bonus while accumulating points. It also introduces new kinds of candy such as the candy chameleon which can be transformed into another candy. In this new version, you can count on more than 335 levels. The level of difficulty increases gradually as you progress through the game and ditto for surprises. It is featured with an option to share the score via social networks. This option allows the player to keep informed about the latest news about the game.

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