Android gamepad mapper that requires no rooting


Mobile devices are now widely being used for gaming. What used to be only available for large systems are now readily available in small packages. However, playing from portable devices may lack two things: comfort and customization. While apps such as SixAxis allows connecting external controllers, only half of the issue is addressed. These controllers may be hard to use if the button layout is incorrect. But don’t worry because this is now a thing of the past. There are now available gamepad mappers to spare you from the hassle.

A known app for doing gamepad mapping in Android devices is Tincore Keymapper. The app works by defining the buttons and keys on the external input device you are using. It is then superimposed on the top of the touch controls of your game. If you are using a PS4 controller, you might want to use the analog stick to swap weapons. The app would allow you to set the controller to do such. You could even set up two controllers at a time. Today, the app is compatible with Wiimotes as well and connections via USB or BT using a physical cable.

Currently, there are more gamepad mappers for iOS devices. For Android devices, Tincore Keymapper would suffice. Here, you could create and share your profile. Before using the app, make sure that you understand it by reading the documentation provided. It is relatively easy to use, but then it’s better to be safe than sorry. There are a lot of commands you could mix and match and it might be a lot to take in at first. Once you are using the app, do not forget to report bugs to help the developers improve it. There you have it. Happy playing!

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