Pokemon GO bag is full, what to do?

Pokemon Go no doubt already took over the gaming industry and it is officially the newest app craze today. When you see videos of people running on a park to catch a Vaporeon or a stampede and traffic jam because of a possible Lapras in that area, you knew that Pokemon Go already took the world by storm.

Like all other games, starting out in Pokemon Go is easy, but as you go along and level up, there would be challenges encountered (as any of the other games out there) and ultimately, you would need help.

One of the challenges Pokemon Go players encountered is “What to do if your Pokemon Go Bag is already full?” According to the site Gottabemobile, if you are running out of Pokeballs, you can try deleting these following things: razzberries, revives and potions. They said that you don’t need too much of those things as you would be needing space for your Pokeballs. This is also tackled on a Forbes article. The site recommended that you can throw away first potions and revives before buying extra space.

This according to the site is necessary because in Pokemon Go, you would eventually fill in your bag. Though you can buy additional space or expand your size, it isn’t really that necessary unless you always go battle in the gyms. When you are already getting super potions, you can already let go the purple potions. As for the revives, you would only rarely use those in gym battling because Pokemons rarely die in a fight, so no need for excess revives. Also if you are guarding a gym and you got sacked, you won’t be needing any revive at all. You should prioritize Pokeballs in your space rather than hundreds of potions and revives. Don’t be afraid to have limited or low stocks for those things.

But if all else fail, you can purchase extra space in quantities of 50 for 200 Pokecoins each.