Happy Wheels Released on iOS and It’s Exactly What I Wanted

Okay let me start by saying, it definitely was not what I was expecting. From the name, Happy Wheels, I thought I was going to be playing a cartoon type of race car game that was suitable for kids. Nope, not this time. I’m pretty sure that this IOS game was not made with kids as the intended target audience.

My Encounter With Happy Wheels – The First Impressions

In the game Happy Wheels, I was playing as a man in a suit and tie. No, I was not going to a business meeting. I was riding on what appeared to be a segway. There were handles and I was standing on a board with two wheels. I had to ride this segway through many tricky obstacles. Usually, when playing a game you want to try so hard to beat the board, correct? With this game, I honestly did not mind. I missed a jump, oh no my foot just broke off and there is blood now squirting from it. But guess what? The game is not over.

Yes, I keep moving with my broken foot. Aw man, I just missed a jump and now both my legs are broken. But guess what? Game still not over. I can drag my body holding onto the handle bars. This is what Happy Wheels is all about. Honestly, I messed up a lot in this game and I did not mind one bit. If I had been playing another game that I really wanted to win, it would not have been so funny.

Check out this YouTube video showcasing the gameplay of Happy Wheels

However, with Happy Wheels, the way that the character’s body can break apart is realistic, but the creators were able to make it comical. There are so many obstacles that came in my way during game-play from undercover pathways to cars dropping out of the sky unexpectedly.

Graphics, Achivements and More

The graphics for this game are not too complex, but it does the job. I did not mind the blood that may splatter from a limb being broken. But if it were to bother someone else, there is a setting on the game called “Max Particles”. In this setting, the user can reduce the blood amount so much as to not even having blood appear in the game. For now, there is only one chapter in the game with fifteen being the maximum amount of levels.

There is one achievement that can be unlocked for completing all of the levels in the first chapter. Friends can also challenge each other to beat a score or earn an achievement. Another really cool feature of this game is the ability to create your own levels. I tried this using the tools that they provide you with and it was pretty cool setting up traps and obstacles to send the character through. Once a level is created, the player also has the option of sharing it with friends.

i give thumbs up for happy wheels

The Verdict

Overall, I actually enjoyed this game. I would definitely recommend it to others. Not so sure if this would be a game I could play all day non-stop. However, it can bring a good amount of entertainment since players have the option to either play as the main character or create new levels for themselves.

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